Ambra Affirmations

May 10 2023

Ambra affirmations | Mental health awareness Month


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, opening a space to participate in vulnerable conversations, learn, seek help and offer support. Although essential all year, this month provides a greater opportunity to celebrate and prioritise mental health. To acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month, we, the Ambra team will be participating in a collection of activities and sharing these with you to include within your daily practices.

In Australia, around 1 in 2 people will struggle with their mental health during their lifetime. So how can you look after your mental health?

Things that can help include:

  • reducing and managing your stress levels
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • taking action early if you're feeling unsettled or struggling


We have compiled some affirmations for you to download and share here.



Please note we are not medical professionals, and we advise you to see a doctor with any questions, concerns or queries.