Explore hosiery effortlessly with our Hosiery Glossary. Find explanations of common terms for stress-free shopping.

Firstly, what is Denier?
Denier is the weight and thickness of the thread and yarn in hosiery. The lower the denier, the more sheer the tights or stockings will appear. The higher the denier, the more opaque (more coverage) the appearance of the product will be. Lower denier hosiery is great for spring or summer, whilst high denier hosiery is perfect for winter warmth and comfort.

Leg Looks


Opaque hosiery is thicker, with a higher denier. Opaque hosiery provides more warmth and is perfect to be worn during the cooler months or for more coverage.


Semi Opaque hosiery offers a semi-transparent leg look that is perfect for transitional seasons or winter months.


Sheer hosiery provides a subtle, smoothing and natural look to
show off your legs. Sheers have a lower denier, perfect for the warmer months or transitional seasons.

Hosiery Features

Hosiery often contains a cotton blend insert within the crotch, referred to as the gusset. This helps with comfort, hygiene and fit.

A reinforced toe helps improve the durability of your hosiery, designed with a toe section that is strengthened, improving comfort and longevity of the product. So, you can wear your hosiery all day and all night!

Designed with a stronger knit construction to strengthen and help prevent laddering, this hosiery is more durable utilising ladder-resist technology.

The perfect summer addition to your wardrobe. Toeless or open toe hosiery, is designed to leave your toes free whilst providing coverage on your legs. Wear with sandals or open toe shoes throughout summer for the perfect leg finish, without limiting your shoe choice!

Significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite with specialised technology, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable all day long. Anti-cellulite hosiery is designed with a smart fibre which works with the body’s natural heat, stimulating blood circulation and helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This hosiery often features additional specialised panels of compression, to shape and smooth where needed.

Types Of Hosiery

Control Brief

These Pantyhose will help contour and smooth around your hips and brief area, helping you to feel comfortable and supported all day long.

Body Shaping

Body shaping hosiery will boost your confidence and help you look and feel supported and shaped. Designed with a high-tech knit construction that shapes and smooths, body shaping pantyhose will help lift through the brief and thigh area for all-day confidence. A perfect partner for that body skimming dress.

Regular/Comfort Brief

Say hello to all day comfort with a specially designed brief area which is durable and comfortable. These Pantyhose use a stronger knit construction in the brief area, making them ideal for all day wear without compromising on comfort.

Sheer To Waist

Sheer to waist tights have a consistent thickness and appearance all the way from the toes up to the waist. A great option to wear with shorter skirts and dresses, or lighter coloured garments.

Stay Ups

A great way to achieve that perfect leg look, without restricting your upper thighs and brief area. Stay ups usually come up to around mid-thigh, with a self-supporting band on the top of the leg. A silicone strip or hyper-allergenic elastic
ensures these stay up whilst they are worn.


Pantyhose or knee highs that provide therapeutic support by utilising technology to compress the legs, from bottom to top. These pantyhose can range from light through to firm compression. A great choice for those who spend long periods of
time on their feet, or just want a little bit of extra support for tired or achy legs.